Giveaway: Super Junior Showcase 2010 Limited Edition Photobook

Finally, completed Super Junior Showcase 2010 Photobook. These photos were taken during their one day trip to Singapore on the 6th June 2010. In order not to waste my effort, I decided to make a Photobook. Although the quality are not top notch, it is just my gift to my readers are may be Super Juniors fans.

The above are collage of the pictures. There are total of 36 pictures inside. A total of 27 Mb file in PDF format. To get it, just fill in your name and email and an email will be sent to you within a short while with the link for you to download the file.

However, if you like to see a preview of it, you can click the below link. It will send you direct to the download page for you to download a preview version (2.8 Mb in PDF).

Click Here to Download the Super Junior Showcase 2010 Preview


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