Motorola Droid X (or Xtreme) Preview and Teaser Video – Video Within

I don’t know how I could have miss this. Just a few days ago, I posted a “clear” picture of Motorola Droid X and thinking that this should be the best picture before the official announcement. I did not realize that Engadget has the privilege to do a preview on it and discover so many other things. On a side note, Gizmodo saw a teaser video that seems to point to July as the launch date.

I seriously wonder why Motorola bother to do a teaser on this phone when they allow Engadget to do a preview on it. But then,thanks to Engadget, we knows that it has a multi-touch keyboard which I guess is the first time (at least for me) to see it on an Android phone.

The Droid X or Xtreme has a 4.3-inch screen and 8-MegaPixels camera that can take HD video. It should have a 1GHz processor. And it should also come with MotorBlur or something similar.

Click Here to Read the Preview at Engadget

And here is the video on the Multi-touch keyboard.

And the other hand, Gizmodo showed us a teaser on the Droid X. The best part is that on this short (15 secs) video, the reader is able to identify some key features of the phone based on the reflection of the eye. Watch this video.

Here is what this commentator has uncovered.

0:02 – “Droid Landing”
0:03 – “4.3” WVGA Screen”
0:04 – ‘Buddy’ or ‘Friend’ icons
0:05 – Droid logo
0:06 – “HDMI Output”
0:07? – “8MP Camera”