Flash 10.1 Beta Slowing Down Android Froyo Significantly in Test – Video Within

While Android 2.2 (Froyo) is making its way to Nexus One handsets by OTA or “manually”, PocketNow.com decided to do some tests to see if Google can live up to its claim during Google IO that Froyo has the fastest web browser in mobile devices or not.

As you can see, 3 phones are put to test, the iPhone, Nexus One (N1) and the HTC HD2.So, does Froyo has the fastest browser?

Based on the test results, it is a yes and no for Android 2.2. Yes, if Flash is not needed on the website and No, if it is has Flash on website. Watch the video and you will get what I meant.

I actually love those Flash sites. With it, there are so many games that you can play with. However, during the tests, you can see how Flash sites become slow and sluggish with the content.

Anyway, Flash 10.1 is still Beta. Hopefully, it will become better.


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