HTC Desire Review, First Thought

If you have noticed, HTC Desire was launched in Singapore on the 14th May 2010. I was glad to be able to get hold of a review set (thanks to HTC) a few days later. It has a 3.7-Inch AMOLED screen and Android 2.1 OS and of course HTC Sense.

The first time I touch this HTC Desire, it has a very sturdy feeling. It doesn’t feel cheap. And when you grip it, it has a rubbery feeling that makes you feel safe that it does not slip off your hand.

Nowadays, HTC has optical joystick instead of the ball cursor.

If you inspect closely, you will realize that the HTC Desire has a chin, a very slight chin. I have received many comments that they don’t like the chin (in Hero,especially). With HTC Desire, HTC has almost completely removed it.

The HTC Desire has a clean look. Apart from the optical joystick and physical buttons in front, there is only on rocker switch for the volume and a power on button.

The bottom is the charging data/transfer port.

A closer look. It is a micro-USB Port.

It has a 5-MegaPixels camera with flash.

To open the back cover, you will need to use your nail or something to ply open. I don’t understand why HTC wants to have such cover. It is very troublesome.

Opening it out, you can see the battery, the SIM card and the MicroSD card slots.

Close up of the slots.

And the camera. The speaker is next to it.

The battery.

Overall, I think that the design of this HTC Desire is nice, although a little dull with the color scheme and the shape. It makes many wonder what phone I am holding since everyone “looks the same”. Unless you have been meddling with HTC’s phones, you will not notice big differences.

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The scrolling is smooth. With a 1 MHz processor, it feels snappy. I compared it with a Sony Xperia X10 using Google Maps. I can immediately see the effect while browsing on Street View.

I will post some video in the next post. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions, shoot. BTW, I only got this unit for 5 days and had already returned it.