Foursquare App from Touchality for Windows Phone Gets Updated

For those who had installed Touchality WinMoSquare, you may want to do an “upgrade” to the latest version. For those who do not know that there is an app for Foursquare on Windows Phone (or Windows Mobile), maybe you can install it after reading this post.

Just received their newsletter mentioning the new upgrade. Some changelog from the previous version. The latest version is WinMoSquare Alpha 2010.04.20.01


  • Added code to determine location based off cell tower
  • Added code to determine location based off wifi connections
  • Added code to determine location based of IP address
  • Better error and exception handling
  • Various small and minor fixes throughout

You can find the latest version of the WinMoSquare application at:

From my experience, the upgraded WinMoSquare app is more sensitive to the surrounding area. I am still trying it out.  I do suggest that you subscribe to their email notification to get the latest update.

Click Here to Touchality Website


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