OneMap Helps Map Out Schools, Plan Your Route in Singapore

This is the latest interactive map of Singapore. It has features like Land Lot number, Nearest Schools, Get Direction. In my opinion, this is one of the most accurate map of Singapore.

For parents who wants to get a school near their place can easily use the features on it. Or the other way round, I know that many parents wanted to live near a school of their choice. You have that option too!

As for people who intend to buy land, you can see the land lot allocation. There is also a hybrid function for you to map out the street map and Land Lot number.

For those traveling, you might want to try out the Get Direction. It even has a play button for you to test out the route. During the route, it will zoom in automatically to those small roads and you can even print out the routing and map.

Click Here to OneMap


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