Microsoft MIX10 Tells (Almost) Everything about Windows Phone 7 Series for Developer – Video Link

MIX10 is now live and the news on Windows Phone 7 Series comes in bits and pieces. More importantly, these news are important for developers who wants to dabble with Windows Phone 7 apps development. I must say that the demo at MIX10 is really quite amazing.

I believe the World will be hearing a lot more on the terms Silverlight and XNA for a long long time. This is because Windows Phone 7 is built on Silverlight and XNA directly. With them, I must say that Windows Phone looks interesting.

The more I read about Windows Phone 7, the more I believe Windows Mobile 6.5 will never be upgraded to Windows Phone 7. However, I might be wrong.

What’s in for Windows Phone 7? Looks like we will have Push Notification, Microsoft Location Service and Bing Search, Bing Map will be all over the place.

Interesting Partners were introduced to MIX10 too! We have Foursquare, Seesmic, Shazam and etc..

As you can see above, they are making use of Sliverlight 4.0 and incorporation of Bing Map on them. It seems that Microsoft is pushing very hard on accelerometer function on the Windows Phone 7 Series. Most of them applications are using the accelerometer.

Here is a video on how this simple software works.

And here is something interesting during the MIX10 keynote. An app call “Coding 4 Fun”

Apparently, Microsoft is letting those developers’ imagination to run wild. It uses an app to control a robot via network to fire off Polo Shirts (yes, Polo Shirts) using compress air. Microsoft call it the Canon.

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And to show the capability of XNA, Microsoft built a few games demo to demonstrate the capability of playing the games into different platform. For example, you can play them on Xbox, PC and of course, the Windows Phone 7.

Also, there is some interesting app like the Hush, Hush. A diary-like app that looks really nice!

So, about Marketplace. The interface becomes much better. There is a simple “buy” button for you to purchase the apps and according to Microsoft, developer will have to provide a “try app” function for user to try the app first before buying. Good for users and I think, not so good for developers.

For developers, you can actually go to their Developer Website

and for those who are interested in Microsoft MIX10 updates, you can go to this website.