Wireless@SG Now with SSA for Seamless and Automatic Connection

For those of you (like me) who are frustrated with Wireless@SG being disconnected suddenly, this is good news. Wireless@SG now comes with SSA (Seamless and Secure Access) that allows you to get connected automatically. You don’t need to key in your password every time it gets connected.

However, to use this SSA service, you will need to download an application for your device. Actually, it has quite a vast range, from iPhone, Windows Phone to laptops and etc. See the image below.

I have downloaded it to my Windows Phone. Here is a screenshot.

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Yesterday, I was at Starbucks and I saw this tourist struggling with wireless connection, although it is free. The reason is because although Starbucks at other countries may provide their customers with password to their WiFi, Starbucks in Singapore is taking advantage of this Wireless@SG. This lady did not have any Wireless@SG account and she did not have cellphone to receive the activation SMS. So, finally, she gave up.

Just a note. If you waited until you are at the Wireless@SG hotspot in Singapore, you will need an SMS confirmation for the registration to activate. So, I suggest that you can do it at free Internet Access Kiosk or at your hotel room before trying to connect to Wireless@SG without registration.

So, if you want to come to Singapore for a visit, remember to register a FREE Wireless@SG account. It will be useful as there are many Wireless@SG  hotspots in Singapore.

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