Apple iPad “Copied” from China Company?

Apple iPad made a revolutionary impact to the world. However, news in China reported that before the iPad launch, there is already a China product that bears similar looks as the iPad. What do you think?

At first look, it seems to look like an iPad. However, it is much thicker and heavier. Here is the specs of this P88, which is manufactured by Shenzhen Great Long Brother Industrial Co.

CPU: Intel Atom 1.6GHz
HD: 160GB
Weight: 1.03kg
Dimensions: 280×180×22mm
Ports: 3xUSB, VGA, RJ-45, card-reader, earphone, mic.
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, reserved 3G and GPS module space
Other: Metal bracket and stylus
Battery life: around 1.5hrs
Price: under USD 440

Here is another view.

BTW, I think the stand is just a holder and not part of the design (ugly). As you can see, it is much thicker but you get all the ease to connect to different devices (with all those ports that iPad is missing). Its battery life of 1.5hrs just cannot make it. Plus, if P88 has just a resistive touch screen, it will definitely not able to match the iPad.

I like the comment on this Tablet-news website.

Before you go out and call this some sort of “Apple tablet clone from the future”, keep in mind that the Cupertino minds wouldn’t launch such an underpowered device, so thick and with such a plain design.

Mind you. This comment was made on 24th October 2009 and no one has seen the Apple iPad design. I guess no one has thought that Apple would design the iPad with such thick bezel around it. Anyway, if I am the designer for this P88, I would be very please with myself 🙂

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