Microsoft compares Windows 8 tablet with iPad, fight! (video)

This is one of the Windows 8 advertisement that, in my opinion, shows the big differences in a Windows 8 tablet and an iPad (in terms of productivity – not referring to productivity in playing games). Of course, the apps eco-structure for Windows 8 is no where near iOS but a Windows 8 (not Windows RT) tablet can install almost any PC software in the market, makes it even more interesting.


Microsoft has also set up a site to compare iPad (4th Gen) directly with some of the Windows 8/RT tablets. Again, in my opinion, I think it is good comparison (I am not siding Microsoft but stating the facts based on the comparison).

Here is the video on the comparison. Microsoft has cleverly added Siri voice as the voice over during the advertisement to Windows 8 advantage. For example, Siri says “I am sorry, I can only do one thing at a time” when Microsoft is showing multi-tasking feature. Can I add one more? You cannot even attach a document to the email (without jailbreaking) when this is one of the most common features for any mail service.

BTW, I have my own rant for Windows 8 too. But I think it is easy to resolve (like adding a bloody SIM card option to Surface for a start).

Click Here to Windows 8 vs iPad comparison site