I Bought a Limited Edition iPhone Casing with 1450 Swarovski Crystals

Yes, you read the title correctly. I bought this Limited Edition iPhone Casing that is encased with 1450 Swarovski Crystals. Actually, it is for my wife. She adores the iPhone. She had used so many type of phones, from Nokia Lipstick style, candybar to HTC Smartphone and finally when she used the iPhone, she really likes it so much that she says this is the only phone that I will use for a long long time (I hope). Back to the casing, it is from DSStyles and it cost me approximately USD363 but her surprise and smile is priceless 🙂 .

BTW, this may be the last time I am holding it to take a picture. This is a 100 pcs limited edition iPhone casing. The Swarovski crystals are carefully glued to the casing by a craftman and it has a certification for it.

Here is the front part. A bit dull but DSStyles has also provided a mirror screen protector to make it more slick (she will not use it as it is quite painful to see under bright sunlight). Here is the screen protector.

The following are a few pics to show off those Swarovski crystals (bling bling).

A close up at the camera area.

Another close up.

And here is a casing without the iPhone.

A close up of the side.

And here is the certification.

A close up. Can you see a crystal?

The back design.

The content.

A close up of the content.

As you can see below, the craftsman is a Japanese. Designer a Japanese and the Quality Controller is from Austria.

And here are the different sizes and number of Swarovski crystals on the casing.

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And here is the packaging.

It also comes with a black velvet bag which, in my opinion, you can forget about using it (not nice).

On the front, it states that it is a Christmas edition. Another, it doesn’t matter.

And here is the email receipt of my purchase.

As you can see, I ordered on the 8th January and arrive only today. One of the reason is because the billing address is different from the sending address. I wanted to send it to her workplace but it seems that DSStyles has concern over it and demanded some clarification (in terms of credit card statement) to verify myself and also my intention. But it is not that troublesome actually.

And now, it is my time to poison ladies who are hinting their boyfriends, husbands on Valentine’s day gift. DSStyles has Valentine’s day special casing. You may want your boyfriends or husbands to check it out.

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I am not affiliated to DSStyles. So, these are just some cool designs that you may want to check out.

And now, here is the Chanel 3D Crystallized Swarovski Phone Case (the one that I bought).

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