Apple iPhone 6 Plus first look

Finally, got my hand on the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. As expected, Apple never fails to deliver in terms of quality. Although the chassis is made of aluminium, it is very light. It is so light that you wonder if you are really holding on to a “metal” phone.


My first impression of the phone is that the Gold version is one of the better looking one. I don’t like the space grey as it seems to be overly dark given that the iPhone 6 Plus is a big phone.


The phone is very slim and smooth. So, I took extra care not to drop it while taking these pictures near the water. If you have been handling an iPhone 5s or 4s for the longest time, you might be a little overwhelm by the iPhone 6 Plus’ size Weight is not a problem here. The problem I see is that the back is very shiny (especially the logo). It is bound to be scratched. So, if you want to protect the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, buy a cover.


As you can see from the picture above, it is very slim. For the top view, it is very clean now. The power button has been shifted to the side.


For the bottom view, you have the usual lightning port and the 3.5mm jack (and of course the speaker).


On the side, the volume up and down button and the silent switch.


On the front, the usual sensors and the front facing camera. It is a little disappointing that Apple did not really improve the front facing camera (in terms of pixels). However, the quality is actually good.

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The Touch ID is something that I think Apple has done very well. It is super easy to use after the setup. Of course, you need some time to set it up but it is only for the first time.


I heard comments that Apple is trying to hide the protruding back camera. I think it does not really cause any problem. BTW, the quality from the rear camera is good.

As I have just try out the phone, it is not exactly a review but more of a preview for those who wish to see the real color (gold) of it. In my opinion, I definitely prefer the 5.5-inch (iPhone 6 Plus) as compared to the 4.7-inch. The iPhone 6 looks “normal” if you don’t put them side by side. And the specs for iPhone 6 Plus is slightly better.

To end this post, here is the 3 version of iPhones (iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s).