Apple 27th January “Come See Our Latest Creation” Event is Confirmed

The World will be watching (or at least the geek, techie and technology enthusiast) closely at this event. Even before the event is announced, there are so many speculation on what this event will promise. Some says a new iPhone, other says a new iSlate or tablet computer.

The invitation does not show anything. Just a splash of colors. As usual as in other events, Apple is super tight lips over the event information.

However, Engadget is able to get some insider scoop on the event and says that it may introduce iLife, iPhone OS 4.0 and a tablet.

Based on the previous report, iPhone OS 4.0 may be able to resize or rescale the iPhone. As for the tablet, it is rumored to call the iSlate or iTable. I believe nothing will be concrete until the reveal day. In the meanwhile, click the below to read more from Engadget.

Click Here to Read More about the Event


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