Some Information on Ealry Windows Mobile 7 on Twitter

Finally, we heard some news on Twitter on the latest Windows Mobile 7. The good news is that the more we hear about WM7, the sooner it will be coming. The bad news for the initiate tweets is that the WM7 is built from scratch and NOT COMPATIBLE with existing WinMo software apps.

The initial tweet starting from Eldar Murtazin, based on the tweets, he was hating the Windows Mobile 7 as it is not compatible with other WinMo apps.

I hope this is just a false alarm. If this is the case, developers will be scratching their head again.

But then, if it is a new build, it might means that it has the latest (if not the best) software for our current usage. I am seriously hoping to get a video on WM 7. 🙂

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