Apple Annoyed By iTablet Hunt that Offers Rewards

The hunt for the elusive rumored tablet (islate, itablet and etc) has made Apple sent out a message to Apparently, has offered rewards for pictures, video or even the real thing of the rumored Apple iTablet.

The rewards are: – on Wednesday offered US$10,000 (S$14,000) for ‘bona fide’ pictures of an Apple tablet; US$20,000 for video of one in action, and US$50,000 if Apple chief executive Steve Jobs was in the pictures or video.

This offers has made Apple issue a statement to request the website to stop this “Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt”.

From Apple’s lawyer,

‘We believe you and your company have crossed the line by offering a bounty for the theft of Apple’s trade secrets,’ an Apple lawyer said in a copy of the letter posted online by Gawker-owned Valleywag. ‘Apple demands that Gawker Media discontinue this program and retract the offer to pay for photos, video, or samples of Apple’s unannounced product.’

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