Augment Reality on Windows Mobile Phones – Video Within

I am still not used to calling Windows Mobile Phone as Windows Phone. Anyway, this post is about Augmented Reality on Windows Mobile phones. You have seen many Augmented Reality software on iPhones or Android phones. However, it is rare to find developers developing software on Augment Reality for Windows Mobile. Here, you have a 5 months old startup company in Korean winning US$100,000 (Platinum winner of the Samsung Application Store Developer Challenge 2009). Video after the break.

It made use of Samsung Omnia II’s GPS, accelerometer, compass, vibration and camera for this software. From HyongaSoft, the company that made this software,

Thanks to the rise in mobile technologies and access to free internet, augmented reality is one of the key new fields for smartphones so we’ve been studying it for a while.
Our first release Ompass World Cities has two functions. One is a digital compass that displays accurate angle information, and the other is location information in terms of the distance and angles to major world cities. This distance and angle information updates when camera view is moved or turned.
In addition, the next version will provide detailed city life information for each city. This means that users can see how far away the subway, airport, restaurant, theater, museum or park is by turning on the app.

Here is the video.

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