Sony Ericsson’s Satio and Aino Struggling with Bugs and Screen Issues Respectively

I remembered Sony Ericsson Satio and Aino were launched with much fanfare and with such unique names, many would stop and take a second look. However, the current situation doesn’t look too good for both handsets. Satio has bugs and Aino has touch screen issues.


I copied both the pictures from Engadget and mixed them together as I feel that Engadget has represented the current situation well (with a sense of humor).

Anyway, according to the source, it mentions that Satio has software bugs that causes the phone to power off when trying to access certain apps. And this issues cannot be resolved by just software patches. There are other issues like poor battery performance, hang up and etc.

Click Here to Read the Issues of Satio from Engadget

As for Aino, it has some touchscreen issue but not much details.

Click Here to Read the Issues of Aino from Engadget

Both phones are out from the shelves  in UK from big retail shops like Carphone Warehouse and etc. Hopefully, Sony Ericsson can do something fast to resolve those issues.