Mobinauts Year End Party Coverage

Mobinauts held a year end event at Microsoft HQ today (26th November 2009). For those who do not know, Mobinauts is the rebranded name for PPCSG. This is the first time that Mobinauts uses its new name to hold the event.


The event was held at the 22nd floor, Microsoft Singapore HQ. Above is the reception area. From my understanding, over 100 people registered for this event.


We had a list of speakers for the night with people from Mobinauts, TenCube, Avantus Training (on Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010) and Microsoft people.

The night started with Shane giving the opening speech on how the group has progress till today with the rebranding to Mobinauts. And to warm us up, Shane started to play some games. Who knows the full name of Bill Gates?


After the games (with some gifts of course), the first speaker is none other than Rivaldo who is the person that is always around in the forum. He presented his top five free wares.


1. The first software is S2U2, a locking and unlocking phone software that is very similar to iPhone slide to unlock feature.


Click Here to S2U2

2. Second software is Mobile WiFi Router. This software allows user to share its Internet Connection via WiFi with WEP security.


Click Here to Get Mobile WiFi Router

3. The third software is WiFI Remote Access. It allows you to access the content on your phone using WiFi. Very nice software.


Click Here to Get WiFi Remote Access

4. The fourth software is Sporty Pal. If you like to exercise and at the same time want to log down information, this is the software that you should get. It even uses GPS to locate your position.

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Click Here to SportyPal

5. The last one is E-Native Showcase. Think of it as a Task Manager.


Click Here to E-Native Showcase

Next speaker is from WaveSecure, Mr. Chong Yixue.  He talks about the evolution of phones and the common issues with current phones.



And he also talks about features of WaveSecure.


If you notice, Singtel PhoneSecure PhoneSafe is actually WaveSecure.

Next speaker is Tan Tien-an. He talks about Windows 7. I am beginning to love Windows 7 now!





Finally, it is Microsoft’s turn. Mr. Gavin talked about Windows Mobile 6.5.


He is telling us about MyPhone and its premium service (which I make no sense on it).


Next, Shane took out the HTC HD2 before our break and every focus went to that HD2.


Nobody wants to go out for the Pizzas.


After the break, Mr. Tan Tian-An gave us an insightful look at Office 2010.


The evolution of Microsoft Office


The Microsoft Office comes in 32-bit and 64-bit format.


And here is a chart of the differences in Office 2010 package.


But I guess the most interesting one should be the Office 2010 Mobile. Below is a screen shot.


With this, Shane concluded the evening with a lucky draw. No, I did not win anything 🙁 .

Click Here for More Information on Microsoft Office 2010