Microsoft Windows Phone Event Coverage – Window Mobile 6.5

Was invited to Microsoft Windows Phone event held at Supperclub. It was my first time to be invited for a Microsoft event. Nevertheless, I was late and the event started on the dot. I guess I did not miss anything as Windows Mobile is no secret and not new anymore. Most of the information are available.


The event started with Ms Natasha giving an overview of Microsoft and its direction and also the changes made on the latest Windows Mobile 6.5 OS. Of course, not forgetting Marketplace and MyPhone service that is now the standard items on Windows Mobile 6.5.


Here is Microsoft concept of Windows Phone.


From Home to Work to Play, Microsoft wants Windows Phone to be part of them. One of the mentioned applications is Windows Live. It is now integrated to Windows Phone contact.  Some new features as shown below.


Next, the MyPhone service. As mentioned, it is now part of Windows Mobile 6.5. However, what is interesting is that you can buy MyPhone Premium at Marketplace (USD4.99). What it does is that once you buy this service, you will be protected for 7 days. During these 7 days, if you lost your phone, you can remotely sound an alarm during your search. You can also lock it to avoid unauthorized usage and etc.


This service is currently available in Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and Australia. Also, introducing Marketplace. Microsoft created Marketplace to allow developer a single place to display their applications. Each application has to go through Microsoft verification (10 to 14 days) before they are approved (or rejected) on Marketplace. Therefore, you should expect high quality software on Marketplace. Marketplace also allows user to “trial test” the software. One of the selected developer was here to showcase its application. A real-time property apps for agent and buyers.

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Here is one of the screenshot (projected on the screen).


After the demo, we have Vernon, Justin and David demonstrating the integration part of Windows Mobile 6.5 during work and play.



Here is a screenshot of Xbox when a message from Windows Live arrived.


Here is another screenshot of Xbox accessing the message.


During the demonstration, we were show iGV (Golden Village) apps where you can book your ticket online with ease. And we were also shown NAVFone apps where “live” feed of the traffic condition could be viewed.


Also demonstrated is how pictures can be uploaded via MyPhone, Facebook and etc. The event ended with Questions and Answers. Not many questions asked though.

Later we have the chance to test out Windows Mobile 6.5 with various phone type. After browsing, the only phones that catches my eyes are Acer F1 with1 GHz Snapdragon processor and Nuviphone from Garmin.


As mentioned, no surprises. Was disappointed that HTC HD2 is not there. Anyway, HTC, Samsung, LG and etc were also their invited partners for the event. That’s it for the event.