Revival of QTRAF Project, Need Your Help!

Remember I posted in June about QTRAF? It is a traffic information system for Singapore. An joint effort by Quantum Inventions and LTA (Land Transport Authority). Today, I got a comment on that post from Quantum Inventions saying that if there are enough interest, they will revive this project with more functions.


As you can see above, it is Quantum Inventions website. It has enhancement like shortest route, ERP avoidance and etc. I am thinking that if this can be incorporated onto the software for mobile phones, it will definitely be good for drivers.

Click Here to Go to QI Intelligent Transport Portal

They will need your feedback on what are the things that we wish to have if it is on a mobile version.

Click Here to See the current free version

Here is the comment made by Saurav: –

Saurav said,
in September 11th, 2009 at 12:50 pm edit

Hi Guys,

Yes, we had stopped the development of QTRAF as it was completely free.

However, since we seem to have quite a few users, we are looking to restart development with some of the cool new tricks we can now do at QI.

Do feedback the features you need to my email address –

Then, I can see if we should re-start the development and see if it can be kept still free.

Drop me a message.

Quantum Inventions.

So, please feel free to bombard them with your ideas on enhancing the software and most importantly the information to be displayed on it.

I have no problem to relay the message to them if you can write your ideas down in comments on this post. I will consolidate and send them these information. 🙂