New ERP Readers to be Fitted for Cars in Singapore

Finally, our car can be fitted with the second generation ERP reader already. It is 9 months after the first announcement. Before that, only motorcycles are fitted with the second generation reader.


Before you rejoice on the move, there are something that you need to take note. First, you will need to pay S$150 to replace with the new one. Secondly, most of the carparks can only handle the old readers. You are not able to use the new readers.

Of course there are merits on the second generation ERP readers. That is, they allow motorist to use cards which comply with the Singapore’s contactless e-purse application (Cepas) – such as the new ez-link transit card.

Click Here to Read More about CEPAS

So, I will still stick to my ERP reader for now 🙂

Click Here to Read the Report From Straits Times


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