HTC Magic Now Comes with GPS Guided Sygic Mobile Maps, Press Release Within

Good news to HTC and Android fans. HTC has bundled Magic with Sygic Mobile Maps. Sygic Mobile Maps are turn-by-turn navigation maps that is also available for symbian or iPhone. Currently, HTC has bundled it with Magic and Sygic Mobile Maps are now available on all new HTC Magic exclusively at SingTel, StarHub and M1 only.


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Press Release

HTC Magic™ Sharpens Navigational Efficacy with
Sygic Mobile Maps

Turn the HTC Magic into a personal navigational device with
Sygic’s turn-by-turn voice guided navigation software

Getting around the island will soon be a breeze for HTC enthusiasts as the HTC Magic, the first Android-powered device now comes bundled with the Sygic Mobile Maps application. Sygic has recently announced its release of the Mobile Maps application for Google’s Android market, providing professional guidance to users on the road. Sygic’s Mobile Maps application is powered by Tele Atlas maps.

Adding to the plethora of applications such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Talk available on the HTC Magic, the Sygic Mobile Maps turns HTC Magic into a navigation device for those on the road with its turn-by-turn voice instructions and route guidance.

Intuitive and easy to use, Sygic Mobile Maps turns any GPS-enabled mobile phone into a personal navigation device. Users no longer have to worry about getting lost again with the integrated navigation and maps on the HTC Magic, which takes only seconds to calculate the fastest route to the final destination.

Another feature to cheer upon is the availability of map beyond the roads of Singapore. With the guidance of Sygic Mobile Maps on the HTC Magic, frequent travellers to Malaysia will be able to venture through the complex web of roads effortlessly.

With Sygic Mobile Maps currently running on a range of more than 200 devices, including 150 mobile phones and smartphones, HTC Magic users will benefit from all the feedback from other mobile OS phone users.

Sygic Mobile Maps are now available on all new HTC Magic exclusively at SingTel, StarHub and M1 only.

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