Big Boys DSLRs Lose Out to iPhone Camera on Flickr except for Canon Rebel XTi

This is a kind of record that you don’t normally see. Nikon and Canon DSLRs are losing out to the 3 MegaPixels iPhone camera on Flickr. We are talking about Nikon D80, Canon EOS 40D, Canon Rebel XSi and Canon Rebel XTi. Only Canon Rebel XTi.


This kind of results is really something to ponder. Is the camera on the iPhone so good? For me, although a HTC fan, I did not really want to use the camera on it as it is usually to slow to react or the quality is not what I expect.

However, I guess the convenience of having it always by your side, the ease of use and the ability to geotag and upload to social media networks greatly affects the usage pattern. HTC (or any other mobile providers), hint to you! 🙂


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