The Battle of iPhone Apps, “iFart” and “Pull My Finger” – Video Link

If you have been surfing Apple Apps Store, you might have noticed “iFart” and “Pull My Finger”. The people behind these applications are Joel Comm of iFart and Eric Stratton of Pull My Finger. Basically both are apps for making Fart sound and mind you, they topped the chart of Apple App Stores. Recently, they were interviewed by The Daily Show (comedy) on their apps. Listen on how their apps were conceptualized. Video link after the break.


BTW, Joel Comm is a very accomplished Internet Marketer and is the man behind his company Infomedia. Both are in legal dispute over the software and I am very surprise that Eric Stratton mentioned that he is going to trademark “Pull My Finger”. Anyway, enjoy the video.

Click Here to View the iFeud from The Daily Show

BTW, Joel, if you are reading this, in my opinion, you win! 🙂


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