Review of iNO Mobile CP09, Make in Singapore Phone – Video Within

Went to PC Show today and purchase the make in Singapore iNO Mobile CP09. What is unique about this phone is that it is target at the elderly and children. It has the usual GSM phone, a torch light, FM radio (without headset), an SOS button that can send a message to the pre-assigned number and then call the person immediately. While doing so, it also activate the siren (yes, siren) and what’s more, it calls out the number that you type. Very cool phone and yes, make in Singapore.


Here is the back of the phone. Notice the SOS (orange) button. It is a saver when you need to call for help.


Here is the package that comes with the phone.


Here are the side and top profile of the phone.

Side View – FM Radio Switch and the Volume + and – switch.


Side View – Torch Light Switch and Keylock Switch


Top View: Hole to hang your lanyard or etc and Torch Light


Bottom View – Charging port and Earpiece (3.5mm jack) type


The back cover. BTW, the battery is 1300mAh.


I tried the phone for a while before giving it to my Mother-in-Law. I have made a short video on it. Watch it below

BTW, while playing with it, I realised that once you set the SOS number and when you long press it, it will SMS the party with a preset message and then call the person with the Siren on. Once connected, it is automatically in Loudspeaker mode.

Kudos to iNO Mobile for thinking of such little details.

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It comes in 3 colours, Black, White and Gold (as shown below). It was a hot seller at the PC Show. By the time I went there, the black has sold out.




The phone is definitely well-built and cater for the elderly. The software design is simple and the hardware buttons are useful for people who are afraid of touching the software (ie. menus and etc).

I would think that it could be better if the silent can be built outside (I have to navigate inside to use the silent mode). Other than that, the pronunication of the 5 (in Chinese) is very soft. It could be louder.

It is difficult to make judgement with the short time I have with the unit. And to end this review, this is me (on the right) with the Managing Director of Foresight Technologies, Mr Kenneth Lau (nice guy! 🙂 )