Make-in-Singapore Phone, iNO Mobile, for Elderly to Debut in PC Show

A local company, Foresight Technologies,  has made a simple phone for the elderly and children. Dress in white colour with BIG number pad, it is obvious that old people will like it. This iNO Mobile, CP09 is a candybar design, has a torch, an SOS button, a siren. Don’t expect high end performance as the target users are usually not Tech savvy. One more pic after the break.


The iNO Mobile, CP09, will be heavily promoted during the PC Show and it will retail at S$78. Here is the specification of this phone.


General Specification

  • Operating Frequency: GSM900/1800MHz
  • Dimensions (mm): 102*48.5*14.5mm
  • Talk Time (mins): 130-300 mins
  • Storage Capability: 32MB NorFlash
  • Screen Size: 1.6 inch
  • Pixel Resolution: 128*48
  • Ringtone: 16 tones polyphonic

Key Experiences

  • -Candybar design
  • -MONO Display
  • -Smart design for the elderly
  • -Super big key design
  • -Build in Speakerphone
  • -Electric torch light
  • -Digital time announcer
  • -Shortcut dialing

Click Here to Foresight Technologies Official Website