Amazon Kindle DX Officially Launched, Live Coverage – Video Link

Amazon has officially announced the Kindle DX in a Press Release. It now sports a big screen of 9.7-inch as opposed to the 6-inch (Kindle 2). In terms of functionality, it is the same as Kindle 2. It has auto rotate in portrait or landscape mode, which I think is cool. More information after the break.


Engadget (my favorite daily dose of Tech Information) was there at the Live Event. If you want to feel how Amazon unfolds the mystery of their latest Kindle DX, click the below link.

Click Here to Engadget for the Amazon Live Event Coverage

Again, I still think that this e-reader is missing colour which I think is important if Amazon is targetting at students. Of course, I know that Kindle is using e-ink technology that is trying to be as close to a real book experience as possible. However, I think that if I were to be given a gadget that could surf the Internet but could only display in grayscale, I would be a little update.

Again, Engadget has gotten the first hands-on experience on this 9.7-inch Kindle DX. Click the below link to see their hands-on video.

Click Here to See Engadget Hands-On Video

I pity those who had bought the Kindle 2 and who wish that the screen could be bigger. They might be a little upset over this bigger screen DX. BTW, the Kindle DX is selling at US$489 and you can pre-order yours at Amazon now. Click the link below to Amazon website.

Kindle DX: Amazon’s 9.7


Hopefully, future Kindle will look like real book, but in colour 🙂