Who Lives Near You – You Wanna Know? And Special Promotion Within

In this modern society, neighbours do not talk to each other anymore. Though we live just doors apart, we never interact. Now, there is this website that helps you to connect your neigbours socially. And it is Free!


I heard from my friend that this website is actually not new. It has been there for quite a while. However, the website has been enhanced. For example, there is Garage Sales, CarPark,  Events. Coffeeshops and etc for you to interact with your neighbours. BTW, this service is for Singapore only. Postal code is needed to identify your location.

There are two types of members. Standard and Verified. At this moment, you can become a verified member free. Just sign in and get yourself verified. There is a banner that you can click on to verify.

It is interesting to know who lives near you. And check out your neigbours’ car or pets.

I got to know this website through BAK2U. At this moment, they are having a promotion for their products and WhoLivesNearYou is their partner.

To sign up (free) for WhoLivesNearYou, Click the below link.

Click Here to Check Out Who Lives Near You

If you would like to purchase BAK2U at promotional prices (for a limited time only), Click the below link (I am not getting a cut on the promotion 🙂 ).

Click Here to Check Out BAK2U Promotion


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