Sony Vaio P Pre-Order Available in Singapore Now!

With the announcement of Sony Vaio P in CES 2009, I guess many of us are excited on getting a hand on it. Today, I received a mailer from Sony regarding the pre-order of this super small notebook (or netbook).


More information after the break.

This pre-order is exclusive to Sony members only. If you are one of them, I think you will get this information already.

Now the biggest question is how much this Vaio P is going to cost. I am actually quite shock to see the price with their bundled specs. Sony is famous for making everything so pricey. 🙁


If you take a look at the above picture, you can see that the SSD configuration is at SG$1699. Wow, that is a lot to pay for at this configuration.

And the other offer at SG$1299 has only a 60GB Hardisk.

However, if you look at the weight, it is only 594grams for the VGN-P15G (SSD spec) and 620grams for VGN-P13H. Also note that for SSD spec, you have 5 colours to choose from while the Hardisk version, you have only 3 colours.

BTW, this promotion is from 9th Jan 09 to 8th Feb 09. The unit will only arrive from 17th February. I guess the only good thing about this bundle is that you get the pouch free. No mention of the processor although I think everyone knows that it is an Atom.

Updated on 11th Jan 09

Here is the specs:

Click Here for the Specification

Click here to view the Promotion


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