CES 2009 – WowWee Hot New Robots, a Mobile Morphing Spycam, and their new High Def Micro Projectors

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Cinemin Video Projectors (Stick, Swivel, and Station) – Tiny handheld video projectors that are about the size of a pack of cigarettes that use Texas Instrument’s high end DLP technology for crisp, clear, video and picture display.

The Stick interfaces with your Apple iPod or iPhone to display video and picture content you have stored.

The Swivel has its own SD card expandable itnernal memory and an adjustable hinge that allows the unit to swing up to 90 degrees for ceiling video projection.

The top end unit is the Station which comes with high quality audio capability making it a complete quality video and audio micro projector.


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But the content is still Sketchy. Remember, you are seeing it before CES 2009 🙂

Release Date Schedule and price:

  • Cinemin Swivel: Q2 of 2009 at $299
  • Cinemin Stick: Q4 of 2009 at $349
  • Cinemin Station: Q4 of 2009 for $399


A mobile spycam that can transform back and forth between being a rollable ball and a wheel based webcam that can make nimble fast turns in any direction.

You can access the Spyball directly through an ad hoc WiFi connection (802.11 b/g) using a PC, many video game consoles, and some cell phones without the need for making the unit accessible via the Internet.

However, if you do desire remote web access to SpyBall it is possible to do so using more advanced configuration methods. Spyball is little brother to WowWee’s autonomous self-navigating Rovio mobile spybot.

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More Information at RobotsRule

Estimated release date: Q4 of 2009

Estimated cost: $169


Joebot is WowWee’s follow-on robot to Femisapien, their first ever female robot.

Joebot sports the same nimble dance moves with the ability of learning song tempos directly from you and can also beatbox too.

You teach Joebot tempos by clapping in the air, tapping on a table, or tapping on his arm cables. When he dances he will use that tempo to time his movements using his dance routine and add some variation to the dance each time you trigger it.

He can also guard, patrol, talk to you, and is the first WowWee robot to respond to a limited set of voice commands. You interact with him using the controls embedded in his hands, or through the use of the infrared remote control that belongs to the original Robosapien robot.

Finally, he can engage you in Battle Mode where he will fire harmless shots from his arm mounted LEDs with accompanying theatric noises and gestures.

In addition, you can use a common infrared television remote control to duel with him and “shoot” him, which will trigger humorous, overly dramatic responses from him.

He also has tilt sensors that let him know when he has fallen over and has an autonomous wandering mode.


More information at RobotsRule

Estimated release date: Q3 of 2009

Estimated cost: $99


Roborover is WowWee’s successor to their popular Tri-Bot robot but instead of having wheels, he is WowWee’s first robot to sport tank style treads.

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He has a fun personality that starts out shy. As you play with him his voice and dialogue changes to sound more confident (the personality resets when you turn him off or put him in one of his other operation modes).

He can play driving and navigation games like Tri-Bot but but they are noticeably faster paced and more exciting.

He has tilt sensors that let him know when he has fallen over, light sensors that trigger his headlights when a room becomes dark, and has an autonomous wandering mode.


More Information at RobotsRule

Estimated release date: Q3 of 2009

Estimated cost: $69

Thanks,  Robert Oschler for the information.