One of the Best Online Lanuage Translator Ever Seen and It is Free

This headline is from the bottom of my heart. I have seen crappy translators before. As my line of work requires me to translate sentences from Japanese to English, I found that most of the so-call translator just cannot do the job properly, except for translator.

At last, found one that fits the bill of easy to use, in English Language and able to translate at the same time to many different languages.

The name itself is also nice. It is called NiceTranslator.


Here are some example from nicetranslator


It also have many other languages that you can translate.


However, please do not feed it with paragraphs as it may not work. I think the reason for it to be so good is because it gathers the public feedback to get the correct words translated.

Click Here Now to Access NiceTranslator.

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