NanoTouch Lets You Turn Small Devices into Useful Multi Touch Screen – Video Within

If you look around, you will know that the future trend will be touch screen. With Windows 7 coming later, we know that touch screen will be the buzz. From desktop, laptop, PDA, MID, netbook to photoframes and etc, all these will utilise heavily on touch screen technology.

Now, what about smaller devices? How can we incorporate touch screen to the tiny device. It seems that Microsoft and Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs in Cambridge, Massachusetts has the answer.


The aim of NanoTouch is to make UI (User Interface) practical on tiny devices. Using a 2.4 inch screen with touch pad at the back, users can have the full screen always visible without blockage. All activities are controlled from the back. The screen will have a full awareness of your fingers.

And this technology (or I call it refinement of the current technology) allows you to better more fingers on the touch screen. You will get what I meant when you see the video later. Possible applications including electronic jewelry, wearable computers, and virtual finger puppets.

Watch the video below.