TweetWasters Calculates How Much Time You Wasted on Twitter

Admit it! Who has not spent time going through twitter posts, especially of those that you are following. Do you want to know how much time you have wasted on Twitter? There is a solution.


Actually, if you look carefully at how the time is calculated, it seems to me that the person who design this site is really wasting his time.

He actually use the number of posts (tweets) as a gauge and multiple by 30secs per post to get the answer.

They even claim: –

This site is completely useless and was created by @itcn, designed by @reese and based on a concept by @sugarrae she thought of during a lecture aimed @streko.

Here’s my score.


Just to let you know, I wasted 5.55 hrs on Twitters. 🙂

Click Here to Check How Much Time You Wasted on Twitter


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