Wear the SAF50 PicBadge on Your Profile Now

As Singapore celebrates its 50th birthday, lets not forget about the “force” behind her, our SAF (Singapore Armed Forces). The SAF men and women had been protecting our Air, Land and Sea 24×7 daily for the past 50 years. To show appreciation of their service and commitment,  join me in wearing the SAF50 badge on your Facebook or/and Twitter profile.


Here is how you can wear the SAF50 PicBadge

  1. Join the SAF50 community by clicking here. Log in with your Facebook or Twitter account to wear the picbadge on the profile picture of that account.
  2. After you’ve joined the community, click “Wear” to put on the picbadge.

It is very simple. After you have done that, you can share it with your friends. Lets all wear the SAF50 PicBadge in appreciation of their hardwork. It only takes a few minutes of your time.

Thanks, on behalf of our SAF.


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