Edison Chen Sex Scandal is Singapore Google Top Search Term

Singaporeans have done it again. This time, based on local searches on Google, Edison Chen came in top. I guess the main reason is due to the sex scandal and not because he has done something great. Nevertheless, the results showed that Singaporean are really a curious lot. You will be surprised what are the top searches in Singapore. Results after the break.


Top 10 Search Term in Singapore in the year 2008.

In Google, they called it the fastest rising searches.

  1. edison chen
  2. olympics
  3. facebook
  4. iphone
  5. f1
  6. google map
  7. htc
  8. maps
  9. wiki
  10. beijing olympics

Fastest rising Google News local searches

  1. singapore olympics
  2. singapore table tennis
  3. lo hwei yen
  4. youth olympics 2010
  5. 3g iphone
  6. michael puhaindrin
  7. f1 night race
  8. singapore recession
  9. mas selamat
  10. feng tianwei

There are more.

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