Definition of Mid and Netbook from Intel

With the increase in usage of Netbooks and the many models that you can choose from, there is always one question that most people could not answer. What is the definition of a Netbook? And with the recent increased in the MID (Mobile Internet Device), more people are becoming puzzle over the terms used.

During the Sitex 2008 in Singapore, everyone (including myself) is grabbing those little laptops and many of the consumers don’t even know what they are called.

From jkOnTheRun, he got the definition of Intel vision of Netbook and Mid with the following information: –


  • Clamshell notebooks with a 7 – 10.2-inch screen that is “purpose built for Internet use”.


  • pocketable devices with a 4 to 7-inch screen that take a clamshell, slider or tablet form
  • Custom built for “Internet-based targeted usages”.
  • Usages they define as productivity, entertainment, information or communications.

Intel has also reinforced that they see the future in the MID. They are now working closely with third party vendor to bring the MID to the mainstream. And they foresee in 2009/10, netbook with Atom processors will still be the way to go. BTW, Atom may have their latest processor, codename: Moorestown, that is stated to have a 10X reduction in power consumption as their next processor for netbooks and MIDs.

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