Motorola RAZR Stopped a Bullet, Saved Man’s Life – Video Link

This should be the unluckiest or luckiest day for this man in Louisiana. Apparently, while mowing the lawn, a stray 0.45 calibre bullet hit the chest of this man, Ronald Richard of Covington, Louisiana. He felt a pain on the chest where he put his Motorola Razr phone. He was shocked to see a bullet dropping off his sweater.

See the picture of the damaged (or destroyed) Motorola Razr Phone after the break.

As of now, the police did not know where this stray bullets came from. They speculated that it must have come from the hunters nearby. It is hard to imagine what it will become if the bullet went in as it is near the heart.

So, next time, stuff your pockets with gadgets and hope that 1day, they can do more than what they are built for.

Read the full story here.

Watch the Video Here.


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