TechieLobang News and Update

Dear all,

I am terribly sorry that the site was down for a day due to some payment issue with the Host. It was purely a simple yet I took 24hrs to solve kind of issue.

BTW, TechieLobang is already ONE year old. Some of you may wonder why only so few posts for one year. The (painful) reason is because I had been suspended too many times due to CPU spiking. Finally, after some painful decision and to ease my load, I decided to refresh. It took me great pain to build up more than 1000 posts and to be removed overnight.

However, I promised that TechieLobang will be around for a long while. And I will try to focus more on local Singapore news.

I urge you to register yourself at the this page to get the latest information even before I post here. I hate spammers. I promised I will not send you email every time (even if you wanted to :)). I will only send you if I have some lobang (good stuffs) to share.

In recipocal, if you have interesting good techie news that wish to share (or you wish some information that TechieLobang should have, please email me. Or you can use a very easy way to track me. That’s twitter.

FYI. Every single post will be sent to twitter. So, get updated easily!!

OK. Enough of me talking.

I hope to see you inside

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