Halo Inspired Combat Battle Uniform for South Korea Soon – Video Link

I seriously thinks that the designer of this battle uniform is a Halo fan. Look at their similarity. South Korea is developing new uniform and weapon for the new generation warfare.

In fact the weapon is already ready and it looks awesome. Firing 5.56mm calibre rounds and 20mm grenades from the same trigger. No need to move your arm to the next trigger For those who had handled such weapons, you should know how much time can be saved.

Video after the break.

So, what do we have on the uniform. It has a multifunction bullet proof helmet with video transmitter, GPS display and voice recognition, a backpack with command/control and Friendly or foe identification systems. A BDU that protects you from nuclear, biological and chemical attacks.

The next thing is the rifle, XK11. It is very Halo-like and it is about 6.2 kg that has thermal imaging capability and very durable in different condition. Want to know more about this weapon? Watch the video below.

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Here is another video on the XK11 Assault rifle.

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