Meizu MiniOne M8 is Ready to Launch in End-November

Ever since the CES in March 2008, Meizu MiniOne news has been appearing in a few months interval. There had been no mention of launch at all except now. Their CEO, Jack Wong, who happens to be the one “leaking” out the news, has got someone to mentioned his plan in his Meizu forum. Targetted to launched in end-November. More news and video after the break.

Meizu MiniOne M8 has gone through many discrepancies. For example, they first started to look so similar like the iPhone and thus caused an uproar from the iPhone fans saying that it is a copycat.

In CES, their booth was shutdown by the authority and many thought that it was due to this MiniOne M8. However, the cause is some misunderstanding on Meizu’s other products.

Then, more information on the Phone UI begin to appear and cause so much anticipation on this phone. For once, this phone is a multi-touch with many similar function like the iPhone.

In fact, Jack Wong tried very hard to steer away from the iPhone copycat naming but I guess it is not quite possible given the similarity. You can take a look at the video and let me know how you feel about the phone.

Ok. Back to the release date and Jack Wong Strategy:
1. China /India , publish in Nov, with no wifi (maybe with wifi-chip but no driver)
2. HongKong/Europ/US, maybe before 12.24, with wifi(ensure)

BTW, China banned any handset with Wifi. Therefore, M8 will be without Wifi function.

M8 8GB=2380RMB about 340USD$
M8 16GB=2880RMB about 411USD$

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