How to Convert Audio to Studio Quality with AI

If you have recorded audio but it does not sound professional, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is here to help. I came across this free software that is able to enhance the audio to studio quality. It is like recording using a professional microphone.

Whether the room is echoey or your recording devices (mobile phone or etc) are not capturing the audio with quality, this software is able to help. Check out my review.

If you have watched the video, you will know that the free software (beta) is the Adobe Podcast. It is a powerful tool for those who need to “rescue” the audio.

I saw some comments on social media that it is not good. I am curious why they say that. If they think it blocks out all the ambient sound, it is actually performing correctly as it is trying to replicate a podcast environment (e.g. in a studio).

You can try the software out HERE. BTW, it was called Project Shasta, but now it is known as Adobe Podcast. Do let me know if this tool is good or not.