Dyson V15 Detect with New Tools for Your Household Needs

If you own a dog that shreds fur, you need to read this. Dyson has launched the Dyson V15 Detect handheld vacuum cleaner in Singapore. Besides the latest powerful motor on the V15, Dyson also introduces a few new accessories for your household needs.

Thanks to Dyson, I was invited to test the Dyson V15 Detect before its official launch. Check out this video as it has a special guest.

If you have been using Vacuum Cleaners, you know that hair tangling to the roller is a big no-no and difficult to remove. It seems like Dyson has solved this issue with its Advanced de-tangling brush bar technology. You can check out my video on how it works. I was impressed with its performance during the demo. Of course, need to try out in the “real-world” to know the actual performance. I know that some may think that the Dyson V15 Detect’s price point and weight might be a concern. I think you need to weigh your needs vs these two concerns. Plus, it is very durable and the quality is top-notch.

Do note that there are two variants of the Dyson V15 Detect. They are:

  • Dyson V15 Detect Absolute (HEPA)
  • Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute (HEPA) is exclusively available from Dyson Direct. It has a thicker stem but the reason is that it has a built-in crevice and dusting tool.

Here are the new tools that Dyson has introduced: –

Pet Grooming Tool

Scratch-free dusting Brush

Awkward Gap tool

Here is the pricing

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute (HEPA): SGD 1,349 (Exclusive to Dyson Direct)

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute: SGD 1,299

Pet Grooming Kit: SGD 99

  • Pet Groom Tool
  • Extension hose
  • Cord free adaptor

Detail Cleaning Kit: SGD 99

  • Scratch-free dusting brush
  • Awkward gap tool
  • Extension hose

Check out the Press Release for more details.

Press Release

Ultimate deep home cleaning: The Dyson V15 Detect – Dyson’s most powerful, intelligent cordless vacuum with 240AW[1] – now available in Singapore

  • With fully sealed whole machine HEPA filtration[2] and laser dust detection to reveal hidden dust[3]
  • Also introducing new attachments with backward compatibility to make light work of your and your pet’s hair in the home

Singapore, 1 July 2022. Creating a healthier home is now made easier, as today the Dyson V15 Detect launches in Singapore. Dyson’s most powerful and intelligent vacuum has been engineered with 240AW and laser to reveal microscopic dust[4]. Dyson also introduces the Pet Groom Tool, alongside a new Scratch Free Dusting Brush and Awkward Gap Tool attachments – engineered to provide the ultimate whole home clean.

The machine and new attachments introduced covers the different cleaning needs of every household, helping to create a healthier home as according to the Dyson Global Dust Study[5], 94% of Singaporeans are cleaning just as much, if not more, than they did last year, to ensure their homes remain a clean and healthy space.

Advanced de-tangling brush bar technology

Engineered for homes with pets, the Dyson V15 Detect introduces a new brush bar technology that is designed to tackle all hair, whether it is left behind by our feline, canine, or human friends. Dyson’s Global Dust Study revealed that nearly half of pet owners in Singapore groom their pets at home at least once a week, and 8 in 10 of them only groom with a brush or comb. This reduces the amount of pet hair they shed around the home; but microscopic particles remain on their pets that can potentially be spread around the home.

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Inspired by a de-tangling comb, the brush bar features 56 hair removal vanes, precisely angled to help migrate all hair types directly into the cleanerhead. These polycarbonate teeth, combined with a set of spiralling nylon bristles, anti-static carbon fibre filaments, and strong suction power, captures and tackles troublesome tangles, as well as larger debris and microscopic dust.


The Dyson V15 Detect feature Dyson’s 5-stage advanced filtration technologies, capturing 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, to expel cleaner air. Our Dyson cyclone technology is efficient at separating dust and dirt from floors and surfaces and whole machine sealing means this isn’t leaked back into your homes.

Exclusive to Dyson direct, the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute (HEPA) is further equipped with whole machine HEPA filtration[6] to capture ultra-fine particles such as pet dander and nasties. The post-motor filter is upgraded to enable it to capture 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 microns, making it Dyson’s most hygienic vacuum and Dyson’s best ever filtration in a cordless vacuum.  

The Dyson V15 Detect Absolute (HEPA) also comes with a built-in crevice and dusting tool. The Built-in dusting and crevice tool is cleverly hidden inside the wand and revealed at the press of a button. By having the right tools available on your vacuum, you can save time between floor and handheld cleaning.

The Dyson V15 Detect features key technologies that were first introduced with the Dyson V12 Detect Slim:

  • Laser Dust Detection: Dyson has engineered laser dust technology to ensure you are reassured that your home has been deep cleaned. Laser Dust Detection reveals the particles you cannot normally see with a precisely angled laser integrated into the cleaner head[7].
    • Dyson engineers integrated a green laser diode – chosen for its ability to provide the best contrast – into the Slim Fluffy cleaner head, positioning it precisely at a 1.5 degree angle, 7.3mm off the ground. It means hidden dust on the floor surface that is otherwise invisible to the naked eye can be seen and removed.
  • Piezo Sensor: Dyson engineers have developed a technology which enables the user to measure the dust it detects and then displays it on an LCD screen for real time scientific proof of a deep clean[8].
    • An acoustic piezo sensor has been integrated into the vacuum. Carbon fibre filaments in the cleaner head pick up microscopic particles which are sized and counted up to 15,000 times a second. The dust enters the vacuum and hits the acoustic piezo sensor within the bin inlet with the tiny vibrations being converted to electrical signals. The dust size and quantity are shown on the in-built LCD screen, so the user can see how much dust the vacuum has removed, as well as the different sizes of particles and deliver scientific proof of a deep clean.
    • The vacuums have been designed so that they automatically increase suction power when they come across a large amount of dust. This happens in auto mode, when the piezo sensor detects high concentrations of dust, and reactive suction power is triggered to automatically increase in power. When dust levels normalise, suction power is reduced to its previous level.
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Making light of your pet’s hair with the Pet Groom Tool

Pet hair can carry pollen and other allergens all around your home. But Dyson has found that pet owners are likely to be unaware of the hidden impacts of their furry friends. By investigating cleaning habits from around the world, Dyson revealed that 1 in 2 pet owners[9] in Singapore allow their pets to sleep on their beds. Yet only 2 in 10 of pet owners are aware that house mite faeces can reside on their pets.

The Dyson Pet Groom tool, engineered to remove your pet’s loose hairs, pet dander and microscopic skin flakes in an instant, is now compatible with Dyson’s cordless range.[10] Attaching to the main body of the machine or via an extension hose, the tool, which has 364 bristles angled at 35°, flexes as you brush your pet, reaching through your pet’s coat to grab loose hairs, for fast and comfortable grooming.

Monika Stuczen, Research Scientist in Microbiology at Dyson, says: “The impact pets have in the home goes beyond what we can see. Effectively removing pet hair is important, but pet dander with dried-on saliva is a problem which is invisible to the naked eye. These microscopic particles can carry allergy-causing proteins around the home. Lightweight and miniscule, they can remain airborne for hours or transfer between objects. Research has even found cat allergens in rooms where cats have never been. So, the proper filtration found in Dyson machines is vital to maintain a cleaner whole-home environment.”

The Scratch-free Dusting Brush – Dyson’s first self-cleaning ultra-soft dusting brush

While traditional dusting tools may use coarse bristles to agitate dirt which can inadvertently scratch surfaces, Dyson’s new Scratch-free Dusting Brush is equipped with 8,100 ultrafine and densely packed Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) polymer filaments, a material inspired by fine paint and makeup brushes.  The bristles are tapered to just 0.05mm, to avoid scratching of delicate surfaces. The brush also possesses a rotating cuff removes to dust and debris from the bristles hygienically and easily.

Reaching the tight spots – Dyson’s Awkward Gap Tool

Other crevice tools can be rigid, making them hard to use in tight, awkward spaces, while flexing crevice tools can lose suction when bent, and clog easily from built up debris. Dyson’s new Awkward Gap Tool twists 22o. Multiple prototypes tested at varying angles revealed that this is the optimum angle for cleaning the hardest-to-reach places around your home or car. With a width of just 12.5mm and 254mm reach, it is engineered to reach and clean deep into narrow gaps. The attachment also offers a secondary brush at the tip, to tackle the more stubborn of messes.  These two new attachments are part of Dyson’s full suite of 12 vacuum cleaner accessories, ensuring users are equipped with the right tool for every cleaning need.

Pricing and Availability

– ENDS –

About Dyson

Dyson is a global research and technology company with engineering, research, development, manufacturing and testing operations in Singapore, the UK, Malaysia, Mexico, China and the Philippines. Having started in a coach house in the UK, Dyson has consistently grown since it was established in 1993. Today, it has a global headquarters in Singapore and two technology campuses in the UK spanning over 800 acres in Malmesbury and Hullavington. Since 1993, Dyson has invested more than £1bn in its Wiltshire offices and laboratories that house the early stage research, design and development of future Dyson technology. Dyson remains family-owned and employs over 13,000 people globally including a 5,000 strong engineering team. It sells products in 84 markets in over 300 Dyson Demo stores, 50 of which opened around the world in 2021 including a new Dyson Virtual Reality Demo Store.

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 Dyson is investing £2.75bn in the business to conceive revolutionary products and technologies, and in 2022 will spend £600m of this investment in technology, facilities, and laboratories. Dyson has global teams of engineers, scientists and software developers focused on the development of solid-state battery cells, high-speed electric digital motors, sensing and vision systems, robotics, machine learning technologies and A.I. investment. Since inventing the first cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner – DC01- in 1993, Dyson has created problem solving technologies for haircare, air purification, robotics, lighting and hand drying

[1] Tested in accordance with IEC62885-4 Cl5.8 and Cl5.9 dust loaded and tested in boost mode at the inlet.

[2] Filtration tested against ASTM F1977-04, tested in Boost mode by independent third party laboratory, SGS – IBR Laboratories US

[3] Laser engineered for hard floors. Effectiveness of laser impacted by ambient light conditions, debris type and surface. 

[4] Laser engineered for hard floors. Effectiveness of laser impacted by ambient light conditions, debris type and surface. 

[5] 32,282 respondents across 33 countries: United States, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, KSA, UAE, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and India. Fieldwork conducted from 15th to 24th November 2021 and 14th February to 7th March 2022. Data has been weighted at a ‘Global’ level to be representative of different population sizes.  

[6] Filtration tested against ASTM F1977-04, tested in Boost mode by independent third party laboratory, SGS – IBR Laboratories US

[7] Laser engineered for hard floors. Effectiveness of laser influenced by ambient light conditions, debris type and surface

[8] Quantity and size of dust displayed on screen varies depending on usage. Examples shown may occur within one or more displayed size range

[9] Dyson Global Dust Study. ‘Pet Owner’ refers to respondents who own at least one dog or cat.

[10] Compatible with V8, V10, V11, V12, V15 and Digital Slim vacuums.