Carl Pei’s Nothing is Something to Look Forward to

When Nothing becomes something to look forward to, you know that changes are coming. This is what Carl Pei wants you to think about – Transparent design, Nothing ear (1).

Don’t know what I am talking about? Who is Carl Pei? Well, if you know OnePlus, you might have heard about Carl Pei. He co-founded OnePlus but left in 2020 to pursue Nothing.

And the very first product from Nothing is Nothing ear (1), a transparent true wireless earbuds. A quote from Carl Pei, CEO and Co-founder in a YouTube documentary series.

Transparent design is one of the hardest things to accomplish for the engineering team.

Tom Howard, Head of Design:

When we first started thinking about Nothing, there was this idea to own transparency, but I think the biggest challenge was more the ergonomics. Learning about the ear and trying to make a product that interfaces with humans on a scale that we [teenage engineering] have never done before.

On achieving a transparent design…. “You have to basically start from scratch and develop new processes.”

Here is a sneak preview (screenshot from their Instagram account) of what is coming. Actually, I am getting more excited as the launch date is nearer.

The launch date is Tuesday 27 July 2021 at 14:00 BST or Monday 26 July 2021 at 21:00 SGT (Singapore Time). Are you excited already? Check out this video.

Even before I can see the product, the pricing is out. The Nothing ear (1) will retail at £99 GBP. That is around S$186 Singapore Dollars.

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