Free Oximeter Collection, Comparison and the App

Today is the first day to collect the free Oximeter by Temasek Foundation. I collected mine at a Sheng Siong supermarket near my house. There are not many people queuing up to collect it.

All I have to do is to produce the brochure with the tag inside it to the cashier and the person will print a receipt and provide one Oximeter to you. It is that simple.

Check out this short video of my experience. Don’t forget to watch till the end to understand why you might need an Oximeter.

Although the box has the Temasek Foundation branding, you can still see that it is by this company, Shenzhen Creative Industry Co., Ltd. And if you read through the manual, you will know that this model, PC-60FW can be connected via an app.

Check out how it can be done in this video.

Unfortunately, I could not find the Android version. I can only connect it via iOS. In my opinion, it does not serve a lot of purposes to use the app unless you like to see your heart rate in the app. The results can only be shared with Weibo or WeChat.

Here are what’s in the box and some pictures of the Oximeter. It comes with 2 x AAA batteries (already installed into the Oximeter).

The device is not big. It can store up to 12 data.

But it is a little thick.

Based on the instructions, I should be able to go into the menu to setup some parameters but I could not. Not sure why.

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Update (Thanks to a reader for sharing this tip)

How to enter Menu mode

  • Place finger in Oximeter
  • Once power on, press and hold Display button and you will enter Menu
  • Press Display button to go through the menu: SpO2 Alm Lo, PR alm Hi, PR alm Lo, Mode, Beep, Exit
  • To change the setting, press and hold Display button.
  • To exit from the setting, press and hold Display button
  • To exit from Menu, press nad hold Display button at Exit option.

This is the direction where your finger goes in.

This is the back.

And some information on the bottom.

And that is it. Do collect one if you can as it can help to identify a person that might have low oxygen in the blood. Here is a definition of Oximeter based on the Temasek Foundation website.

What is an Oximeter?

Temasek Foundation is providing one free oximeter for every Singapore household to enable everyone to monitor their blood oxygen levels regularly.

An oximeter measures blood oxygen levels and pulse rates.

The COVID-19 virus can cause blood oxygen to drop to dangerously low levels, even when you feel well, or have no other symptoms of the virus. This is known as “silent pneumonia”.

If left untreated, the low oxygen levels can damage vital organs, with very serious consequences.

As our fight against COVID-19 is ongoing and based on the statistics, it will become endemic. It is important to help ourselves by understanding the symptoms (e.g. loss of smell, low oxygen in the blood) and quickly administer the right action(s) like going to see a doctor or isolating from others.