Happy New Year, Check Out This Custom-fit Facemask

Today is the eve of the Chinese New Year. Hope you have enjoyed your reunion dinner with your loved ones even though we are under the new restriction of 8 visitors per day. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year.

As you may have read, the next phase of the countermeasures against this COVID-19 pandemic is the speed in the mass distribution of the vaccine and getting yourself better protected with a good facemask.

Therefore, choosing the right facemask is important in our fight against the Novel Coronavirus. Recently, a Singapore company has launched a facemask product on Kickstarter. They have approached me to have a look at their product.

Before you dismiss them as one of the many Kickstarter projects on facemask, you need to know that they are not new to facemask. In fact, they have been making facemask since 2009. I got to know (and buy) their product way back in 2013 when haze is a big problem in Singapore.

Since then, they have made several versions of their facemasks. With the recent (actually, it is more than a year already) pandemic, they have come up with a newer design that is more fitting to the face and using their expertise to make the right filters for their facemask.

Some might have already guessed the company name. If you are thinking of Totobobo, you are absolutely right. Totobobo has just launched a Kickstarter project and has already been funded.

Here is my very initial review of the facemask.

In this version, they have infused Silver-ion onto the material of the mask. If you have been checking out facemask, you will know that Silver-ion (AG+) can prevent growth of bacteria and etc.

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On the Totobobo Mask, it is embedded with BioCote®, a silver-based antimicrobial agent. BioCote® technology is known to stop the growth of bacteria, mould, fungi, influenza A H1N1 virus and recently proved effective against a virus from the coronavirus family.

You can check out the Totobobo Kickstarter Page Here

A few things I like about the Totobobo Mask.

  • It is easy to custom it to your face.
  • It is very breathable.
  • It has various filters that you can choose for different needs.
  • You can wash it with detergent or wipe it with alcohol wipes
  • It is very light at 20g

I will try to use the mask as often as possible to provide another update. In the meanwhile, stay safe, Happy New Year and Huat ar!!