realmeow is realme Brand Mascot

If you care about realme, you must get to know its latest Brand Mascot, realmeow. realme collaborated with Mark A. Walsh, a world-famous animator best known for his works on Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” and “Monsters, Inc.” to create realmeow.

Here is the ID of realmeow. He is an alien not from this planet.

I am sure you will be seeing him (realmeow) more in the near future. Want to know more about him? Check out the Press Release.

Press Release

realme debuts its brand mascot “realmeow”, first to bring designer toy into the tech world

16th December 2020, SINGAPORE – The world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand, realme today announced the debut of its brand mascot, realmeow, a designer toy, as its Chief Trendsetting Officer. realmeow is a nod to the designer toy culture that rose in popularity at the turn of the millennium, a culture that embodies the diversified personalities of the Gen Z.

To create realmeow, realme collaborated with Mark A. Walsh, a world-famous animator best known for his works on Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” and “Monsters, Inc.”. Mark A. Walsh believes that, “Every character must start with passion. Defining their passion and the obstacles they must overcome to pursue that passion, is what makes a great and identifiable character.” In line with his vision, he spearheaded realme Design Studio as the Creative Consultant in creating realmeow to embody independence and fearlessness, much like the spirit of the realme brand.

The first designer toy launched by a tech company, realmeow breaks new grounds by incorporating technology into a trendsetting culture. Inspired by the fearless and agile nature of a cat, realmeow is bold and street-style in design, which encapsulates the realme’s brand ethos of “Dare to Leap”. 

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realme: Dare to be a Trendsetter, Dare to Create

As a trendsetting brand, realme is committed to bringing the latest trends into the tech industry. When conceptualising realmeow, Mark A. Walsh and realme believed that it should personify the culture favoured by the youth. Thus, inspiration was drawn from street-culture, with a touch of painting and sculptural flair, as to make it appear more striking and vivid.

realmeow dons yellow as the main colour of its body, boldly contrasted with a pair of black laser glasses. realme believes that designer toy is an excellent medium to have more people know and love the trendsetting designer toy phenomenon. To better connect with the youth, Mark A. Walsh and realme constructed realmeow as a mysterious creature that originates from an extra-terrestrial world, the “Trendsetting Planet”, a character archetype that lives up to the belief of ‘Dare-to-Leap’ for realmeow to become a pop-cultural identity among realme fans.

realmeow: Dare to be realme, a Dare to Gen-Z

Regardless of who you are, the chase to stay on top of trends is ever-present. realmeow sets out to be a trendsetting icon for every realme fan, empowering them to “Dare to Leap” and “Dare to be realme”, to go beyond themselves into creating more possibilities.

The identity of the realmeow is tailored to forever remain at the age of 18. While realmeow may have a cool exterior, it is optimistic at heart, believing happiness to be the key to life. Moreover, realmeow is an enthusiast of fried chicken, skateboarding and hip-hop dance, so you can always spot realmeow grooving along to rap music, and if you do, be sure to treat it to some fried chicken.

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At its core, realmeow is an exploration into the youth, their pursuit of trends and their unique personalities, and ultimately realme’s effort to resonate with the younger demographic. Keeping true to staying connected with the youth, realme launched a limited-edition gift package of realmeow, to celebrate the New Year with the young worldwide.

Positioned as a tech trendsetter, realme is committed to bringing the latest trends into the tech industry, and to meet the youth’s demand for both trendsetting design and leap-forward technology. In the future, realme plans to launch a customised smartphone and AIoT products based on realmeow to build an all-connected, trendy and smart life.


About realme

realme is a technology brand that provides leapfrog quality and trendsetting smartphones and AIoT products to the global market. realme users are young and globally-minded. realme products empower young people to ‘Dare to Leap’ using the latest in technology and design.

realme is the 7th top smartphone brand in the world and was recognized as one of the mainstream smartphone brands according to Counterpoint’s statistics of global smartphone shipments in Q3 2020. In 2019, realme’s global smartphone shipments reached 25 million with a YoY growth rate of 808%, making realme the fastest-growing smartphone brand in the world for four consecutive quarters since 2019 to Q2 2020. realme has entered 61 markets worldwide, including China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Europe, Russia, Australia, Middle East, Africa with global user base of over 50 million.