Review: Cosmo Prime Air Purifier with Medical Grade H13 HEPA Filter

Thanks to Cosmo, I am able to review its Cosmo Prime Air Purifier. Some might wonder what is there to review for a fan with a filter. Here is my take.



When Singapore encountered the worst haze period in 2015, air purifier was one of the hot topics among family members and friends.

Back then, people start to understand air particle counts (e.g. PM 2.5) and HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. Fast-forward to 2020, haze is no longer a major concern in Singapore. Everyone is worried about the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there is one thing that is still being mentioned – HEPA FILTER.

As we get to know more about HEPA filters, we now know that not all HEPA filters are the same. The air purifier I am introducing is using Medical Grade H13 HEPA Technology.

The Cosmo Prime Air Purifier not only cleans the air, it also removes viruses, bacterias, allergens, and more.

Cosmo Prime Air Purifier

The Cosmo Prime Air Purifier looks simple and minimalistic. It is white in color except for the top which has the controls and fins that allow filtered air to pass through.

Beneath the cover is a sensor that measures the environment to display the actual air quality.

It is not the smallest air purifier but it blends well with the most homes. Here is the dimension:


  • Height: 49.7 cm
  • Width: 27 cm
  • Length: 30.3 cm

The heart of this Cosmo Prime Air Purifier is the HEPA Filter. As mentioned earlier, it is a medical-grade H13 HEPA filter.

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Check out the differences between HEPA filter and Cosmo’s HEPA Filter.

Cosmo’s HEPA filter consists of three “layers”.

  • 1st: Pre Filter – Intercept large suspended particles like hair, dust, lint, and fur
  • 2nd: H13 HEPA Filter – Remove micron particles and block bacteria, pollen, pet dander, dust mites
  • 3rd: Activated Carbon – Neutralises odors in the air, absorbs formaldehyde

Here is how it looks like with the HEPA Filter installed.

Here is how it looks like with the HEPA Filter being taken out.

How it works

When the Cosmo Prime is turned on, the fan will rotate and draws in the air from the environment through the filter. The sensor will start to measure the air quality and the HEPA filter will filter out the particles and allow clean air to go through it. The clean air will be released to the environment.

As the sensor is measuring in real time, it is able to determine the actual air quality in that area.


There isn’t any learning curve to use the Cosmo Prime Air Purifier. Just like a fan, you can turn it on or off with the button on the top of it.

However, things get better when you start to go beyond the physical buttons.

Check out my unboxing and demo video to understand.

As you can see from the video, there are 4 ways you can control the Cosmo Prime Air Purifier.

  • Using the controls on the top of the unit
  • Using the Smart Life App that you can download for Android (Google Playstore) or iOS (Apple Store).
  • Linking it with Google Home App to control the start/stop
  • Using Voice Control via Google Home network.
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BTW, the unit comes with Child-Lock to prevent children from meddling with it. It also has an ANION feature (negative charged ion). Depending on your usage, you can turn it on/off in the Smart Life app or using the physical button.

If you are thinking how the COSMO Prime Air Purifer compares with its competitors, check out this chart from Cosmo.

I am not sure why they are comparing 5 stars reviews but I must say that in terms of price-point, Cosmo Prime is really attractive.

Currently it is retailed at S$399. You can check it out here.

BTW, the Cosmo Prime Air Purifier has something that I think is really useful. It has a built-in handle that you can carry it.


Overall, the Cosmo Prime Air Purifier is easy to use with many options to operate it. With the pricing, it is an affordable HEPA filter air purifier.

In terms of usage, I love that it is monitoring the air in real-time and I can attest that it can take out smoke (e.g. incense) and odour or smell effectively.

Click Here to Check Out Cosmo Prime Air Purifier

I am working with Cosmo for a gift to TechieLobang readers. Watch out for it in a few days!