Lunar 7th Month Prayer Essentials Go Online

The lunar 7th month (aka Ghost month) is coming (starting from 19th Aug, 中元 is from 2nd September). With COVID-19 lurking around, it is safer to buy the 7th month essentials online.

With or without COVID-19, the 7th month is coming. I saw some jokes about how the ghosts will get SHN (Stay Home Notice) if they can over. Jokes aside, some people are serious about paying respects and making offerings during this period.

That is where the Shopee 7th Month Essentials comes in to solve your prayers’ needs (deliver to your doorsteps) and let you enjoy discounts at the same time.

Some dates to take note – 19th Aug, 2nd Sept and 16th Sept.

Don’t miss out on:

  • Exclusive vouchers for featured sellers
  • Bundles at up to 70% off

This is Shopee’s specially curated offerings checklist, featuring must-have prayer essentials like joss papers, candles, and food staples at unbeatable prices, details below.

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