TraceTogether V2.1 Added QR Scan Feature and Works in Background for iOS Users

The TraceTogether app has been updated. Now, the app can continue to work in the background for iOS users. And they have added QR Scan in the app.

With the latest version 2.1.2, the app can work in the background for iOS. Previously, if you switch the app or open another app on iOS, the TraceTogether will not function. This is frustrating as who in the right mind would want to keep on ensuring that the app is always open and running when you are out and about.

Now, since the problem is solved, you can activate the app and let it run in the background.

Another frustration for all is that this app has limited usage. Previously (version 1), it was built purely for tracing purposes. It was then updated (version 2) to have the feature to show the Barcode ID for scanning.

With the latest version, you can toggle between Barcode scan or QR Code reader. Some places do not have barcode readers or the reader is not working (my personal experience). I have to use my ID to get scanned or use the QR code reader to scan the QR code. This is now taken care of in this version.

I know people still have doubts over the app due to the misunderstanding of the tracking feature. There are still many ways to scan QR codes or use the barcode. Interestingly, for both options, I always use the SingPass (You can check out how I use it to collect the free reusable masks).

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This is the Release Note for the latest TraceTogether App.

Stay safe, everyone!