First Look: Coil, Squeeze and Bond with BondCable

Thanks to CleverThings, I am able to get hold of the BondCable first. It will be available on Kickstarter from 16th June, 10pm Singapore time. Basically, BondCable is a cable that allows you to keep it neatly.

As what the title (of this post) mentions, you just need to coil and squeeze the cable, and it will bond together in a neat chunk. My review cable is the Lightning BondCable for iOS devices.

What is the reason that the cable can “bond” after being squeezed? Well, it is the design of the cable. The outer rubber is made of tracks and when the top and bottom part of the cable meets, it fits perfectly and hence, “bonds” the cable together. Check out the picture below.

Difficult to imagine? I have made a video with a little demo on the “bonding” part. Check it out.

Apart that the cable can be coiled and fit perfectly, there is also something worth mentioning. For most cable, the weakest link is always the joint near the connectors. Normally, wear and tear on a cable will show up there.

For the BondCable, it is able to bend almost 180 degrees. Check out the picture below. Can you cable do that? As I just got hold of the cable for less than 24 hours, I cannot comment on it. Seems that it is built to withstand the bending (which is good)

Will update again once I have more data. In the meanwhile, please support this local (Singapore) company on Kickstarter with this BondCable. There are a variety of cables that you can choose.

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Crowdfunding prices starts from US $9.90 (S$14) for Non Apple BondCable and US $13.90 (S$19) for Lightning BondCable


Support local! BondCable will start collecting pre-orders on on 16th June 2020 at 10pm (Singapore time), with an expected shipment date of early October 2020.

Support BondCable now at:


The BondCable is the inaugural product from CleverThings, a new brand concept initiated by Design Insight, a local Singapore design studio with over 16 years of experience in the design and development of consumer products.

 As Design insights we have ideated and commercialized over 100 projects and products worldwide in over 14 years. We work with iconic global brands, such as Samsung, Sennheiser and BIC; as well as startups from all over the world, from San Francisco to Singapore. Our design portfolio consists of a wide range of consumer electronics, fast-moving consumer goods, and design strategy consultation for waste-oil management companies. |